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We are a contemporary dental clinic in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece. Its owner and principal dental surgeon Dr Athanasios Besas after spending more than 6 years working and having postgraduate studies in the UK decided to return back to Thessaloniki to open a fully equipped dental clinic. We offer a big range of dental treatments using the most up to date techniques and being very serious with infection control.
Our target is your smile before and after your treatment. Every treatment is adjusted to your expectations and it is considered to be successful ONLY if you are happy with the final result.

We also welcome all the patients with a dental phobia. People that are nervous with dentists are usually people that had a traumatic dental experience in the past or people that haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. We are extra gentle with those patients and we spend a lot of time explaining to them what’s involved in the treatment. We also help them to relax and we only initiate the treatment when they feel ready. We’ve seen that even the most nervous patients can be put at ease and have a dental treatment.

Our aim is high quality dental care under affordable prices.

The best Dentist!! 5 stars!! Dr. Athanasios Besas saved my gums after complaining for 4 years of pain in United States and nothing got solved. Visiting the Dental Clinic of Dr. Besas I felt they looked at me as a human and not as a number of insurance.. I highly recommend Besas Dental Clinic, you won’t regret at all, you can definitely trust your teeth. Dr. Besas cares about you. Wonderful Customer Service.


He is an excellent scientist, a well trained dentist with great experience. If need be, I will definitely prefer him again!


Dr. Besas is attentive and methodical in his work and explains clearly and comprehensively the therapeutic options, relying comfortably on his scientific competence. My implant placement case was quite demanding and required high precision. The final result was almost completely painless and above my expectations, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics of the implants. I have therefore recommended a close family member to this dentist.


The doctor was very informative and reassuring. It made this difficult process seem almost enjoyable and the end result was flawless. I also visit him for my little daughter when needed, without any problems at all. He is an excellent scientist and I highly recommend him.


Doctor with great experience. Visiting a dentist is finally a pleasant experience! Mr. Besas explains in detail the problems that might exist, directly finds the solution and the treatment required painlessly and quickly and the most important is that he inspires confidence! I highly recommend him !!!