Dental caries is the most well-known tooth disease, which affects teeth of people of all ages. But what is caries? In short, it is the calcification of the teeth caused by the deposition of microbes on them in combination with the ingestion of certain types of food. Tooth decay causes “holes” in the teeth and microbes to enter them.

In these cases it is necessary for the dentist to intervene by removing the entire “contaminated” surface and placing an occlusion (filling), which will restore the damaged dental surface to its original form.

Nowadays the material mainly used is composite resin, which has the colour of the tooth and if the correct placement technique is followed it is difficult to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a tooth with a composite resin filling.

Because composite resin offers excellent aesthetic results, it is also used for changing the shape, dimensions and colour of the front teeth (dental bonding) as a more economical solution compared to porcelain veneers. In these cases, usually no preparation (grinding) of the tooth is needed.