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The best Dentist!! 5 stars!! Dr. Athanasios Besas saved my gums after complaining for 4 years of pain in United States and nothing got solved. Visiting the Dental Clinic of Dr. Besas I felt they looked at me as a human and not as a number of insurance.. I highly recommend Besas Dental Clinic, you won’t regret at all, you can definitely trust your teeth. Dr. Besas cares about you. Wonderful Customer Service.


He is an excellent scientist, a well trained dentist with great experience. If need be, I will definitely prefer him again!


Dr. Besas is attentive and methodical in his work and explains clearly and comprehensively the therapeutic options, relying comfortably on his scientific competence. The result of my treatment was almost completely painless and exceeded my expectations, both in terms of application and the naturalness of the shape and color of the implants.


The doctor was very informative and reassuring. It made this difficult process seem almost enjoyable and the end result was flawless. I also visit him for my little daughter when needed, without any problems at all. He is an excellent scientist and I highly recommend him.


Doctor with great experience. Visiting a dentist is finally a pleasant experience! Mr. Besas explains in detail the problems that might exist, directly finds the solution and the treatment required painlessly and quickly and the most important is that he inspires confidence! I highly recommend him !!!


I live abroad, but when I need a second opinion, I always rely on the profound knowledge of Dr.Besas. He has saved me from unnecessary interventions and is always right in his diagnosis.


Very good dentist, very professional, with latest generation equipment. What stands out most is the way he works. Precise and painless.


The practice area is aesthetically excellent and clean. My case was highly monitored. A qualified dentist with a lot of valuable knowledge. I strongly recommend him. And of course I thank him for all the attention he showed me.


Amazing dentist, professional, consistent and economically sensible. A well-equipped medical office, a patient doctor explaining every detail and fully trained in his subject. I strongly recommend him!


Very pleased with the treatment I received. The doctor was highly illustrative and professional throughout, and my problem was solved. I strongly recommend him!


An excellent scientist, he deeply investigated my case. He inspired confidence as he is experienced and trained. I highly recommend him!


Excellent dental surgeon, very professional and well trained. The surgery is modern and equipped with all the latest technology.


Very good


He was always on time and took great care in treating me. He is very experienced, something that can be seen at my final result.


Very polite and friendly. He successfully dealt with my dental problem ( extraction of my wisdom tooth). I highly recommend him!


Very professional and experienced dentist. He suggested me to use the INMAN Aligner system for straightening my teeth. I was totally satisfied with the final result and which only took a few weeks. The dental surgery is very well equipped right in the center of the city! I highly recommend him!


Highly skilled professional. He explains everything and he puts you at ease straight away. You can rely on him as the final result is of very high quality. The dental office looks stunning!


He is very professional and knows what he is doing. Friendly and always happy to help. It focuses on your problem and looks for all possible solutions. He is focusing at your problem and tries to provide you with the best solution. Friendly environment and very hygienic area.


It is exactly what I have been looking for at a dental office. Dr. Besas is highly skilled, very patient without any signs of arrogance. He made me feel secure and he gained my trust. He uses all the latest dental technology in a comfortable and pleasant environment. He is an excellent professional in a modern dental surgery right in the middle of Thessaloniki.


Excellent dentist with up to date dental equipment.


I was completely satisfied with Dr. Besas as he was accurate and explaining everything in his work. Very friendly environment and dental staff. I will definitely go back again!


Dr. Besas is very professional, calm, friendly and polite. He works methodically and most important painless. He is very highly recommended!


Excellent dental surgeon!


Great aesthetic and functional outcome and that’s why I will go back again.


Respectable man and doctor. Dr. Besas was perfect! He saw me on time, he was very friendly, thoroughly explained my problem and his work was very good!