Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common diseases of the gums and the tissues surrounding the teeth in general.

The dental plaque that creates the tartar is most often responsible for the inflammation of the gums, which is noticed by their bleeding. In these cases, with a thorough cleaning by the dentist and with the patient’s compliance with the dentist’s instructions for frequent oral hygiene, the condition is reversible.

In cases where apart from the gums, the patient’s periodontium (bone etc.) is also affected by the inflammation, then we talk about periodontitis. Several factors other than dental plaque may be responsible for the occurrence of periodontitis.

This is exactly why it is necessary to obtain a detailed medical and dental history as well as a detailed clinical examination by the dentist before starting treatment.

The treatment usually involves a few appointments during which a deep cleaning of the teeth is done and in some cases additional surgical treatment may be required.

It is important to stress that treatment alone cannot bring optimal results if the patient does not follow the oral hygiene procedure indicated by the dentist at home.